Built from and for the web

An open-source 2d game engine made for creating multi-platform games entirely in JavaScript.
Splat is built around the Entity Component System pattern, which is flexible and promotes composition of behaviors.

If you are new to Splat we recommend you try out the Splatformer Tutorial.

Splat is cross platform

Creating a game that works across all platforms is easy with web technologies. Splat games can play in any modern web browser. Splat can also use Electron for Mac, Windows, and Linux native builds, and Cordova for native iOS and Android builds.

Notable features of Splat

Tiled map editor support

Create intricate invironments using the open source Tiled map editor and import them into Splat for use in your game.

Gamepad support

USB gamepad support on the web in your browser is as easy as naming your inputs and plugging in your controller.

Juice things up!

Particle system

Easily add cool particle effects such as explosions, smoke, fire, or anything else you can dream up.

Easing functions

Bounce, wobble, zoom or stretch any property in your game using the power of Splat's built-in easing system and the versatility of the easing-js library of effects.

Screen shake

Your players will feel the impact and for you it will be as easy as adding a of couple lines of code.

Games Created with Splat

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